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Beef Cuts

The overwhelming majority of our herd is Black Angus or Angus-cross. Through genetic diversity, careful research and population control, Hodges Cattle has successfully built a strong, healthy herd of Angus, American Aberdeen, and Angus-cross cattle. Cross-breeding allows us to capitalize on strong genetic attributes that lead to a more healthy and vital herd. 


Our cattle are very well cared for, receiving daily well-being checks, as-needed medical care, a maternity and delivery suite for calving heifers, and enjoy a diet of 100% organically fertilized grass.


We rotate our herd across four separately fenced pastures to ensure they receive the best grass, and to give our pastures a chance to rest.


Where does each beef cut come from?

Use this great infographic to visualize which cuts of meat you want from your cow.


We have also provided an extremely useful cut chart that you can view below. 

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