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Beef Freezer Guide

With so many options in all-natural meats, making decisions on what to feed your family can be difficult. When shopping at different markets, you really don't know the story of how your food gets to you. With Hodges Home Grown, you do.

We started Hodges Home Grown to bring two fantastic products together: our delicious (and nutritious) hormone-free Hodges Cattle beef and our delectable Hodges Pastured Porkers free-range pork.


We welcome our customers out to the farm to select their very own cow and pig and follow the raising of those animals, so they know exactly what they're buying.

Finally...two healthy, all-natural meat products under the name people all across the region have come to trust: Hodges Home Grown.

Meat in freezer.jpg

Freezer Capacity Guide

We've put together a quick and easy infographic to show you how much you can expect to store in each of the 3 main freezer types and capacities. These capacities are based on national averages of freezer volumes and an average hanging weight of 500-600 +/- lbs.

3Freezer 2.png

Average Cow Hanging Weight: 500-600+/- lbs

Capacities are based on freezers being completely empty.

3 cu. ft. Freezer
(1/4 cow)

6 cu. ft. Freezer
(1/2 cow)

12 cu. ft. Chest Freezer (1 cow)

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