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100% Local Free Range Beef

Situated in the heart of the quaint southern town of Callahan, FL, Hodges Home Grown is uniquely positioned to various population centers, with fast access to anywhere in the region via our highway and interstate system.


Formerly home to Hodges Poultry, the land at Hodges Home Grown ranch is especially suited for sustainability and environmental responsibility. Infrastructure has been repurposed and renovated, yes...but the grass is where the difference is.


You see, after years of being fertilized by 100% organic fertilizer, the land has given rise to pasture grasses that you'd have to see to believe! Our grass is a splendid mix of healthy Bahia and luscious clover...and our cows seem to love both!


Our boutique approach is something totally different in beef cattle. We believe it's important to allow clients to be heavily involved with knowing where their food comes from. We never hide anything. We believe the best way to do business is by showcasing our herd and helping you select the cow that will yield the cuts of meat you're looking for.


Beyond taking such great care of our herd, we set out to take care of our clients in such a way that keeps them coming back for more. We want to talk with you and walk you through the entire process and make it an enjoyable, personal experience. We believe so strongly in this personalized approach, that if you don't walk away feeling like family, we've only done part of our job. The best compliment is when we hear,

"Holy cow! That's good beef!"

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