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Pastured Pork

Situated on over 65 acres and steeped in history, Hodges Home Grown is not only picturesque but is also one of the most sustainable and environmentally-conscious operations in the area. A family-owned farm, this land was once home to a thriving poultry operation.


The land on which our pigs roam freely is completely natural. The rich, wooded paddocks feature a natural creek with smaller streams that continually flow, bringing thirst-quenching cool water to the pigs. And the floor of the wooded paddocks is rich in delicious, healthy grasses, grubs, and natural flora the pigs enjoy.

Our pigs are free to roam in their large, natural paddocks.

Hodges Home Grown started small, but continues to experience positive growth. However, we will never be a large industrial operation. We have no desire to be. You see, Hodges Home Grown believes that it's important to take care of the land, the animals, and to provide exceptionally healthy, quality meat to our customers...and this simply cannot be done at extreme scales.

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